Review of Grok 1.0 Web Development

by Ruslan Spivak on April 12, 2010

It took me a while to finish reading the book but here we go.

I wasn’t disappointed by the book and absolutely sure that it delivers on its promise to show that Grok can be an excellent fit for many kinds of Web development projects.

I think I’ll have to finish my Grok based blog now :)

Grok is largely based on Zope Tookit and that’s a very powerful set of libraries developed over many years that provides support for forms, full text search, authentication, i18n, security, components, persistence, testing, and many more.

Main distinguishing Grok concepts emphasized by the book:

  • component architecture
  • object database (ZODB)
  • object publishing and traversal
  • convention over configuration and do not repeat yourself (DRY) principle

The book introduces a simple “to-do” application to the readers. Gradually the application grows with new features like storing data in object database, forms, full text catalog search, security, component architecture.

There is a separate chapter devoted to integration with relational databases. This is especially important topic for Grok because traditionally Zope and Grok were tightly bound to ZODB.

All in all it’s been a pleasant read and I think it’s a great introduction to Grok web framework.

P.S. I may sound very optimistic regarding Grok and Zope, but I can’t do anything about it – I have a soft spot for Grok, it’s an excellent piece of software :)

Enjoy it!

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