SlimIt 0.2 is out with a JavaScript parser, pretty printer and a node visitor

by Ruslan Spivak on May 7, 2011

SlimIt 0.2 (should be also accessible via got a JavaScript parser, pretty printer and a node visitor.

Let’s iterate over, modify a JavaScript AST and pretty print it:

>>> from slimit.parser import Parser
>>> from slimit.visitors import nodevisitor
>>> from slimit import ast
>>> parser = Parser()
>>> tree = parser.parse('for(var i=0; i<10; i++) {var x=5+i;}')
>>> for node in nodevisitor.visit(tree):
...     if isinstance(node, ast.Identifier) and node.value == 'i':
...         node.value = 'hello'
>>> print tree.to_ecma() # print awesome javascript :)
for (var hello = 0; hello < 10; hello++) {
  var x = 5 + hello;

SlimIt comes with a bunch of tests and I also used it to parse and pretty print jQuery 1.5.2 which I then tested in a browser and it worked fine. But, you know, software is not perfect :) If you find any issues, please, submit them at GitHub.


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