What’s New in SlimIt 0.6.1

by Ruslan Spivak on March 15, 2012

While the new version of SlimIt is mostly a bugfix release:
- Problem with “+”, “++” and whitespace
- Problem with for loop with ? operator in initializer position

there is also one new feature: -t / –mangle-toplevel command-line option.
It allows you to turn on global scope name mangling which is now off by default.
Let’s see it in action.

$ cat test.js
function foo(first, second){
  alert(first, second);


Global scope mangling is off by default:

$ slimit -m test.js
function foo(a,b){alert(a,b);}foo();

With global scope name mangling on:

$ slimit -m --mangle-toplevel test.js
function a(a,b){alert(a,b);}a();

In Python code pass mangle_toplevel=True argument to minify function:

>>> from slimit import minify
>>> text = """\
... function foo(first, second){
...   alert(first, second);
... }
... foo();
... """
>>> minify(text, mangle=True, mangle_toplevel=True)
'function a(a,b){alert(a,b);}a();'
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